Committee strategizes how to save the Ector County Library

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – On Tuesday, the Ector County Library Advisory Board took a tour of the building to see what obstacles they face.

Advisory Chairman Randy Ham said repairs to the building have not been updated since 1983, making repairs very expensive.

“The most urgent repair at the moment is the plumbing,” said Ham.

The Ector County Library committee must decide whether to repair or rebuild the facility after discovering the infrastructure.

“It still has many of the original fixtures; plumbing, electricity and HVAC, ”said Ham. “It wasn’t purpose-built as a library; it was a medical office. “

Ham said window and sewer repairs; that’s right.

“Just if we fixed the plumbing for 1.5 million, we would have to close the library for months because we have to get all the plumbing and the pumps and fixtures out,” Ham said.

The purpose of the committee is to investigate the best possible decision, but it will take a long time to take action.

“We are now working and contacting the libraries in West Texas and getting copies of their annual reports; we get copies of their budgets. We get copies of anything they want to share with us so we know how they work. We’re going to compare that to what we have here, and how do we get from point A to point B. “

The committee plans to hold future town hall meetings and online surveys for community weighting.

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