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It is the 38th state admitted to the union and endowed with a little bit of everything – 58 peaks over 14,000 feet high; the largest flat mountain in the world; the highest paved road, tallest suspension bridge, and tallest sand dune in the US; and the subject of some great songs. We celebrate the bluegrassic wonders of the Centennial State, Colorado.


  • Foreland: “Colorado” from because of the sound(self-released)
  • Wally Barnick: “Colorado” off Wally Barnick & the Trail Boss Troubadours(Sustainable tunes)
  • The Chapman Family: “Colorado” from Love comes alive here(DGI)
  • The Cantrells: “Colorado Song” from a new language(Turquoise)
  • Great Northern: “Colorado Turnaround” by Great Northern(Great Great Tater)
  • The Kruger Brothers: “Colorado Bound” by Carolina scrapbook, part two(Double time)
  • Jim & Jesse: “Colorado is calling me” by Jim and Jesse today(CMH)
  • Well tense: “Colorado Girl” by 13 crows(self-released)
  • The Burnett Sisters Band: “Colorado Girl” off Far from home(self-released)
  • Tony Trischka: “Great Big World / Purple Trees of Colorado” by Big big World(rounder)
  • Special Consensus: “Rocky Mountain High” by Country Boy – A tribute to John Denver(Compass)
  • Outdoor Plumbing Company: “I Think He’d Rather Be In Colorado” by Outdoor Plumbing Company(Rebel)
  • Unspoken Tradition: “I Say Let’s Go (Colorado)” from Myths we tell our young people(Mountain house)
  • Wild Oats: “Denver Girls and Denver Talk (Colorado Rain)” by Country + Bluegrass(Alshire)
  • Rex Weissman: “Colorado Sunset” by New Reso meeting(Castle of Pain)

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