Cold Craft, Inc. Keeps Silicon Valley Firms and Employees Productive

SILICON VALLEY, California, May 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As with many industries, employees of the high-tech companies with headquarters or an extensive presence in Silicon Valley are working from home as a result of the 2019 pandemic. The area’s high-tech industries (computer, smartphone, software development, etc.) Employ skilled workers from companies such as Cisco, Netflix, Hewlett Packard, Apple, eBay, PayPal, Google, Intel, etc. These workers are used to a comfortable work environment to be productive. March 2020 changed all that in the Bay Area with the mandatory shelter in place.

As the idea of ​​working from home has become a long-term reality for many people, skilled HVAC R contractors like Cold Craft have come to their rescue to ease those workers’ burden by repairing or installing heating, air conditioning and wine cellar cooling. , and even geothermal heating and cooling, which can increase their productivity.

While there is a shortage of work in some industries, many in the high-tech industry from home, some HVAC R companies and supermarkets have seen a boon during the pandemic. This has created an opportunity for Cold Craft, a SMACNA company, to continue and expand with the area’s high-tech workers for their home comfort needs.

“The environment we are in today allows Cold Craft to make changes to the home environment to maintain productivity in perhaps one of the most important industries in the area, if not the world.” Said Daryl Demanawa, operations director. “Knowing that we are helping this industry to keep operating at a productive pace is a comfort to the workers here at Cold Craft, this is what keeps us going.”

“Everyone has their specific focus on helping them through the pandemic. The increase in wine cellar cooling has helped Cold Craft continue with our extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining wine cellar cooling for the benefit of their customers in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula. As customers struggle through the pandemic, they can know that their often sizeable wine investment can remain intact. Susan Nichol, Said CEO of Cold Craft, Inc. “Many of our customers are titans of the Silicon Valley industry and that allows us to be their full service HVAC R company as we work with both commercial and residential equipment. Many of these very large homes require equipment from commercial quality and of course their wine. cellar needs refrigeration. ”

Cold Craft, Inc. Serves the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991 – heating, air conditioning, wine cellar cooling and unique HVAC needs.

Cold Craft can be reached at 408.374.7292; [email protected];

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