Coalition of 347 diverse organizations sends letter to Gov. Newsom to preserve net metering

347 organizations Representative of a true grassroots movement – from businesses to housing to environmental advocacy groups, has issued a statement of support to protect rooftop solar in California.

The open letter signed by a diverse coalition of organizations sent to Governor Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission demands state leaders to keep solar energy affordable in California as Newsom’s government considers changes to net energy metering (NEM), the state policy that determines how solar energy users return energy to and interact with the power grid.

View the coalition members below:

Solar energy is incredible popular in California, in part because net metering puts the benefits of rooftop solar in the hands of more people by making it more affordable. In fact, working and middle-class neighborhoods make up almost 50% of the current rooftop solar market.

“80% of Californians support grid metering as it is now as it proves successful and brings solar power to more homes, schools and small businesses,” said Dave Rosenfeld, executive director of the Solar Rights Alliance. “Net metering will help reduce costs and allow more people to access the savings, resiliency and other benefits of solar, while also moving California closer to our clean energy goals. Voters from all backgrounds want to continue that progress They know the utilities don’t want their best.”

Intestinal grid metering proposals submitted by the major utilities would drastically reduce the credit solar consumers receive for the excess energy they produce and add a $65-90 monthly fine to their utility bills.

By blocking solar on the roof, which is more efficient, the profits of the California utility company would cost tens of billions of dollars over time and every taxpayer $295 per year.

“While the utility companies owned by major investors have money and political clout, our power comes from our diverse coalition that addresses the needs and wants of environmentalists, conservationists, farmers, students, disabled communities, tenants, churches, schools, workers and small businesses. represented around the world. state,” said Jessica Tovar, Energy Democracy Organizer at the Local Clean Energy Alliance. “Our grassroots coalition represents California voters from all walks of life who overwhelmingly support local solar growth; such as microgrids and resist pressure from investor-owned utilities to increase their own profits by making solar more expensive for everyone.”

By undermining net metering, making solar more expensive for everyone, and halting the critical expansion of clean energy, the utility’s profit crop is not in line with California’s environmental and clean energy goals and the growing need for a reliable energy supply in the face of forest fires and power outage events.

“California is in a climate emergency, with record-shattering heatwaves, droughts and wildfires spreading across the state,” said Laura Deehan, California state director of the environment. “With so much at stake, California’s harvesting of net measurements would reverse our trajectory as a leader in solving global warming, right when our leadership is needed most.”

The Save California Solar Coalition is calling on the CA Public Utilities Commission to strengthen grid metering in two ways by making it easier and more affordable for everyone and increasing battery accessibility for those going solar, thereby enhancing community benefits. of solar energy on the roof.

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