Clean energy trade groups ask FERC to reform interconnection process

The American Clean Power Association, Advanced Energy Economy and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) filed supplemental comments with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to emphasize the need and opportunity for near-term interconnection improvements.

These joint comments highlight areas of agreement from clean energy companies that would allow timely and cost-effective interconnection of much-needed new, clean generation while FERC continues to work towards comprehensive transmission planning reform. FERC has the opportunity to improve certainty, reduce costs and resolve backlogs of projects waiting to connect to the grid, and these organizations jointly urge FERC to move forward with these much-needed reforms.

“Interconnection backlogs are one of the biggest impediments to our ability to quickly and efficiently decarbonize our electricity grid in the near term,” said Sean Gallagher, VP of state and regulatory affairs at SEIA. “Without meaningful reforms to the interconnection process, like the ones we’ve outlined for FERC, the United States will never be able to meet its long-term decarbonization goals. Our comments will help the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issue a once in a generation rulemaking that will unlock renewable projects across the nation, enabling us to create thousands of jobs and new economic development opportunities across America.”

Read the supplemental comments below.

News item from SEIA

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