Carroll County launches $400K jail improvement, plumbing project

CARROLLTON – The Carroll County Jail is in the midst of a major makeover that will eventually require inmates to be temporarily transferred to neighboring counties.

When the $ 426,325 plumbing fixtures project is completed later this year, hot water will be available faster and there will be new toilets and wash facilities.

“It’s a big project,” said District Commissioner Jeffrey Ohler. And we feel like it should have been a long time ago. We knew it would come at some point. We need to get the showers, toilets and sinks right in there. They were rusting. ‘

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Carroll Prison is located at Block 100 of S. Lisbon Street in the same city center as several other district offices and agencies, including the court system.

The income from a $ 1.6 million bond will be used to fund the work.

“The fixtures are original to the building when it was built,” said Abe Little of Standard Plumbing & Heating in Canton, the project manager. “All the pipes are also original. They change parts there regularly. It should eliminate all their problems with the cell blocks.”

The prison dates back to the mid-1970s.

More Carroll Count works ahead

Revenues from that $ 1.6 million bond paid for an earlier project to make improvements to the clock tower above the county building.

“We are also going to put new windows in the prison,” said Ohler. “That project will probably not start until next year.”

Of the three members of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners, Ohler is the one who oversees capital projects.

One aspect of this project requires that the water be cut off temporarily. This will require Carroll County to move inmates, likely to prisons in adjacent counties.

“We probably won’t need that until the end of June,” Ohler said. “At the moment we should move about 16. It will only take three days. We have already made contact with other prisons.”

Possible destinations are Stark, Tuscarawas and Jefferson.

But “right now I’m in the process,” said George Maier, sheriff of Stark County. “We talked about taking a pair. Now that the coronavirus is on, I’m not in a position to include anyone.

Inmates can also be temporarily released with anklets if they are not transferred to another prison.

“The sheriff is going to work with the judges on that,” Ohler said.

How’s Carroll County Jail?

Inside the prison there are 14 cells on the first floor and five on the second floor.

The project is now in its initial phase.

“Right now we are installing boilers, water softeners and water pipes,” said Little. “It is getting ready for that transfer when they have to move prisoners for the weekend.”

There will be installation of boiler room equipment and isolation valves. This project aims to improve the flow of heated water through the prison.

“They’re putting in a new hot water circulation line,” Little said. “It keeps the hot water moving throughout the building. That way they don’t have to wait for hot water. In some large buildings they have to wait for hot water to come.”

Included in this project is new LED lighting.

The existing lights in the prison “were fluorescent, and they’re not as efficient as LED,” said Ralph Kramer of Kramer Engineers of Columbus, who designed the project. “Ohio state regulations require you to have a certain level of lighting. That’s why we put new LED lights in the cells, in the day room, and in the hallways outside the cells.”

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