Car Thefts On The Rise; Man Gets Car, HVAC Tools Stolen

Thieves have turned Chissoe Brown’s world upside down.

“That was my only means of getting around,” Brown said.

Surveillance video shows them breaking into Brown’s truck in a parking lot and then making off with not only his only vehicle but also $1,200 worth of HVAC equipment he had inside.

“Now my tools have been stolen, so I can’t help my family,” Brown said.

Brown is also a perk for Killers of the Flower Moon and should regularly drive out of town to the set to film.

He now says without his truck, he is at a loss.

“Now they’re calling me I’m just going to do it,” Brown said.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, car thefts were a problem.

They say there were 984 car thefts in the city last March, 200 more than the year before.

Serena Brown now lets her dad stay at her house so she can help drive around and get him where he needs to go.

“I think it’s really stupid that people feel the need to start stealing people’s transportation because it’s really important to have,” Serena said.

Brown says the silver lining is that he is now spending more time with his daughter.

He says he is blessed to have a loving family around him, and Serena hopes to carry on that legacy well into the future.

“I’m very grateful that she’s helping me now, even though it feels like I’m the elderly person who needs all the help right now,” Brown said.

“I just have a healthy trait in my whole family line where he helps my grandma, me my dad and I’m going to help my parents in the future as well and hopefully that will continue through the family lineage,” Serena said.

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