CALSSA plans protests for first CPUC meeting after reopening NEM 3.0 record

Hundreds of solar workers, consumers, clean energy advocates, community leaders, conservationists and climate activists will rally on Thursday 2 June, to protest the latest proposal from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to tax rooftop solar and drastically reduce the credit consumers receive for selling their solar energy to the grid. Solar supporters will hold simultaneous actions in Los Angeles and at CPUC headquarters in San Francisco.

In San Francisco, hundreds of solar supporters are expected to line up at CPUC headquarters to make public comments. In Los Angeles, solar supporters onstage will give “public comments” to a mock podium of CPUC commissioners, while thousands of attendees record their own video testimonials to submit to the CPUC. Combined, Thursday’s actions are expected to be the largest-ever submission of live and video-recorded public comments in CPUC history.

NEM 3.0 is not on the The agenda of CPUC for Thursday, but this will be the committee’s first hearing since details of the May review were released.

According to ROTH Capital Partners, the CPUC is now accepting comments on the glide path approach, non-bridgeable costs and community DERs. The CPUC is seeking input on an alternative glide slope that would give customers a fixed export adder in addition to the Avoided Cost Calculator (ACC) rate. The export adder would resign over time. Opening responses in response to the group’s questions must be submitted by June 10.

The CPUC had previously proposed a similar high tax on rooftop solar and an immediate abolition of solar consumer credit. The proposed decision was shelved indefinitely earlier this year after fierce opposition and public disapproval from Governor Newsom. CALSSA says the CPUC’s recent ruling to reopen its net energy metering procedures appears to be pursuing another tax, this time hidden and under a different name.

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