California YMCA goes solar + storage with XeroSolar

XeroSolar will officially connect a 221-kW solar panel to a 223-kWh Tesla battery at the Torrance-South Bay YMCA in Torrance, California. The project is expected to offset one-fifth of the building’s electricity consumption.

The solar power system was generously donated by Jerry Marcil, current president of the Torrance-South Bay YMCA Community Support Campaign, Y board member and long-time Y supporter. Ben Lochtenberg, CEO of XeroSolar, is the chairman of Y’s board of directors and financial development committee, as well as the annual investor of Y’s roundtable.

“The Torrance-South Bay Y is blessed with board members like Jerry Marcil and Ben Lochtenberg who have helped make solar a reality for us,” said Steve MacAller, executive director of Torrance-South Bay YMCA.

On October 27, 2021, the self-generated facility interconnection to Edison’s Southern California electrical grid was approved and Y received permission to operate the solar panel system. The Torrance-South Bay YMCA is the LA Association’s first solar-powered facility.

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