Calgarians can now apply for the city’s hail damage roofing rebate

CALGARY – Those who are looking forward to it Apply for a discount on the roofing due to hail damage from the city could start with that on Tuesday.

The City of Calgary kicks off the program by offering $ 3,000 to homeowners who suffered hail damage last year and installed or plan to install impact-resistant roofing.

Kris Dietrich of Calgary Building Services said the $ 3,000 should cover most, if not all, of the roofing costs for homes.

“It really depends on the house. [For] some smaller homes, the $ 3,000 will be sufficient. There are some other homes, $ 3,000 may not be enough, but it will cover a significant portion of the upgrade. “

He says the impact-resistant materials have been available for a few years, but the cost keeps people from picking them.

“At the moment it is still more expensive than a traditional gravel,” he said.

“I think we said in our calculations that it costs about $ 4 extra per square foot to switch to impact resistant.”

Homeowners must have proof of hail damage from 2020 to qualify for the discount.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada said last year that the storm caused nearly $ 1.2 billion in insured damage, making it the costliest hailstorm in Canadian history and the fourth most costly natural disaster of all time.

The program will expand in January to accept those replacing their roof with certified material after June 1 and is expected to last three years.

Dietrich says a report on the success of the program will go to the board next year, and if the program is successful, it could be renewed.

Councilors voted in May to divert $ 2.2 million from the city’s rainy day fund to provide rebates to each of the 660 households damaged by the 2020 hailstorm.

-with files from Chris Bowen

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