Building supplies harder to source since pandemic hit, says Warrnambool plumbing business | The Standard

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Building supplies like Zincalume and galvanized steel have risen in price and are harder to come by since the coronavirus pandemic hit. Reece Plumbing Warrnambool assistant manager Mark Shrubb said the price was up about 20 percent. In addition, it can take about two weeks to find, whereas previously it could be obtained within two or three days. “We’ve heard that the price could go up and it could take longer in the future,” he said. Mr Shrubb said Colorbond was an alternative the company could offer customers and was easier to find. “There has been no congestion on those products,” he said. However, Mr Shrubb said the company had remained incredibly busy during the pandemic. He said the building boom in the city and the fact that plumbers were an essential service contributed to that. Builders in the Southwest have reported being their busiest in decades. Have you signed up for The Standard’s daily newsletter and latest news emails? Sign up below and keep up to date with everything happening in the Southwest.


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