Borrego completes 96-MW solar + storage portfolio in two states

Borrego has announced it has completed construction of 15 solar and storage projects in Massachusetts and New York for AES Corporation. The solar installed in the projects totals 96 MW while the storage portion totals 169 MWh, representing Borrego’s largest storage portfolio built for a single customer to date.

The solar + storage systems range in size from 1.6 MW to 12 MW (solar) and 1.7 MWh to 17 MWh (storage).

The projects are among Borrego’s first DC-coupled solar and storage installations. Thanks to the DC coupling technology, the solar panels can generate up to 30% extra energy annually at the same interconnection costs as without storage.

These projects benefit the asset owner by taking full advantage of the state’s renewable energy incentives, the utility by co-locating the solar system’s energy, and the community’s energy users, as most projects are community sun. They also represent a variety of use cases such as minimizing peak system demand through the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program, maximizing the time value of plant energy production below the NY Value of Distributed Energy Resource (VDER) ) rate, and allow participation in the wholesale market.

“Being an early adopter of energy storage and solar + storage technologies has not been without its challenges, but the completion of the AES portfolio has made it all worthwhile,” said John duPont, VP Solutions at Borrego. “We have spent years working with our product partners to develop and test the DC-coupled system hardware and power management system controls that will enable these plants to deliver more solar energy per facility than was previously possible in this market.”

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