Borrego begins construction on 6.7-MW community solar array in Maine

CleanCapital and Borrego are collaborating to install a 6.7 MW community solar project in Maine. The project, which is expected to become commercially operational in 2022, will benefit from the state’s Net Energy Billing kWh program and sell power to residential customers.

“We are excited to partner with Borrego for the first time to make renewable energy more accessible to homeowners in Maine,” said Julia Bell, Head of Projects at CleanCapital. “This latest investment – ​​our fourth since announcing a $300 million pledge from Manulife in April – demonstrates CleanCapital’s commitment to advancing the rapid transition of the energy grid.”

“Borrego partners with CleanCapital to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. Together, we are empowering homeowners in Maine to create a clean energy future by purchasing their power from a community solar project,” said Brendan Neagle, executive vice president of project finance at Borrego. “We are eager to build our relationship with CleanCapital through this project and plan to continue our collaboration in the future.”

News item from CleanCapital

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