BK Plumber Livestreamed Capitol Insurrection: Feds | NYC Roundup

BK Plumber, Failed Candidate Indicted in Capitol Uprising

BROOKLYN, NY — A Brooklyn plumber and a failed political candidate livestreamed himself on Jan. 6 as he stormed the U.S. Capitol with other insurgents, authorities said. The incriminating messages… Read more

Rats continue to infest Harlem, but sightings are unevenly distributed

HARLEM, NY — Nearly a year after politicians took to the streets of Harlem to demand that the city curb a growing rat infestation, rodents continue to be the… Read more

Ample Hills founders are back with Prospect Heights’ ‘The Social’

PROSPECT HEIGHTS, BROOKLYN — The founders of Brooklyn-based ice cream parlor Ample Hills are back with their second act: a new dessert shop in Prospect Heights called The Social. … Read more

5 Midtown Precincts Hosting ‘National Night Out’ Events

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NY — The NYPD’s five districts of Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen are hosting free, family-friendly evening events next week as part of the “National Night Out.” The annual event,… Read more

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