BayWa r.e. now distributing Duracell Power Center systems

BayWa re provides new options for solar installation partners in the US by adding Duracell Power Center’s suite of turnkey residential energy technology products to its line map.

Duracell Power Center’s integrated energy storage solution works with new or existing rooftop solar installations to give homeowners the energy freedom to power their homes themselves, ensuring 100% reliable, fully automated backup power and the reduce dependence on the electricity grid with their own microgrids. These AC-coupled, scalable battery systems — available in 5 kW and 10 kW modular units with 14 kWh to 42 kWh of storage — feature automatic islanding during power outages, load shifting to take advantage of electricity rates while in use, and 24/7 real-time monitoring through a mobile app user interface for both installers and homeowners. BayWa re will distribute Duracell Home Ecosystem, a comprehensive solar plus storage solution that includes the energy storage system, as well as solar PV microinverters and EV charging products, with mobile app monitoring for the entire ecosystem.

“The home storage segment struggled with a la carte solutions because you typically have equipment from different manufacturers that need to work together and communicate to provide home energy management services,” said David Dunlap, VP of Product Strategy at BayWa re. solar systems. “Because Power Center brings everything together seamlessly into one system with an iconic brand name that customers trust, this partnership provides our installer partners with an attractive home storage offering.”

The Duracell Home Ecosystem energy storage system uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries with a 10-year warranty and performance warranty and has been field-proven in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for more than a decade. These systems ship fully integrated on a single pallet and offer a simple installation process that is compatible with any new or existing solar PV system and inverter. They also work seamlessly with Duracell Home Ecosystem solar microinverters and EV charging products, further expanding homeowners’ choice of the company’s range of turnkey residential energy solutions.

Power Center products are in stock and available through the BayWare online store.

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