ArteZanos & Merlin Solar Integrated Roof Receives Miami Dade NOA, Creating the First Miami Dade Approved “Solar Roof”

11.6 kW ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV (NOA# 21-0315.05 exp. 6/24/26) with the ArteZanos Hybrid Roofing System (NOA# 20-0908.03 exp. 5/14/23) on the typical South Florida home .

11.6 kW ArteZanos Flexible Solar PV (NOA# 21-0315.05 exp. 6/24/26) with the ArteZanos Hybrid Roofing System (NOA# 20-0908.03 exp. 5/14/23) on the typical South Florida home .

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, July 15, 2021 / – The ArteZanos® Flexible Solar PV is currently the only Miami-Dade NOA Approved Solar Integrated Roof (Miami-Dade.) NOA# 21-0315.05 Exp. 24-6-26). The Miami-Dade NOA establishes compliance with the strictest requirements of the Florida Building Code to facilitate the permitting, installation and inspection process. Miami-Dade maintains the highest standard of product approval regulations and is recognized in the US and internationally.

The ArteZanos® Flexible Solar PV System uses Merlin Solar lightweight, flexible c-Si technology. These highly efficient solar modules are designed to bond directly to a variety of roofing substrates with industry-leading wind lift resistance, eliminating the heavy glass and scaffolding systems associated with traditional residential solar systems.

The ArteZanos® Flexible solar PV system is also approved for use with ArteZanos® Solar thermal pipes for the use of domestic hot water, including pool heating. By combining both PV and solar thermal, homeowners can make significant use of their total solar output. Both PV and thermal options qualify for the federal solar tax credit of 26% on the total cost of a “solar roof”.

The ArteZanos® Hybrid System (Miami-Dade NOA# 20-0908.03 Exp.05/14/23) is also approved as a remediation system to retrofit existing, less durable asphalt shingle roofs installed after 2001. Restoring existing asphalt shingles is extremely important as energy efficiency and resiliency must be addressed before any form of solar integration. Restoring asphalt shingle roofs with the ArteZanos Hybrid System reduces roofing costs, keeps asphalt shingles out of landfill, increases wind resistance, energy efficiency and curb appeal. The system pays for itself through energy savings when integrated with the Merlin Solar lightweight modules.

The ArteZanos® Flexible Solar PV was developed in a collaboration between Florida-based ArteZanos, Inc. and California-based Merlin Solar, a provider of patented, flexible and robust c-Si solar panel technology with market-leading, high-efficiency cell design for the most demanding environments.

dr. Venkatesan Murali, founder and CTO of Merlin, commented: “Dan Arguelles and the ArteZanos team designed their integrated solar solution based on their deep expertise in roofing. Their solution is a marked improvement over other attempts to provide an integrated “sunroof”. Merlin offers industry-leading efficiency with its lightweight, rugged, peelable and tacky monocrystalline silicon panels. In partnership with ArteZanos, we are pleased to offer a high-quality, robust and aesthetically pleasing solution that meets Miami-Dade standards.”

About ArteZanos®

ArteZanos® is a third generation family business dedicated to the production of high quality traditional handmade clay products and the development of innovative roofing products. For more information about ArteZanos®, please visit or call 305-595-4577

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Merlin Solar has pioneered the crystalline silicon solar technology market, revolutionizing rail design and creating the most rugged flexible, high-efficiency solar panels on the market. Merlin Solar serves the commercial and residential roofing, transportation, and off-grid portable military and marine markets, delivering breakthrough solutions to businesses and consumers in North America, EMEA and Asia. More information is available at

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