American Battery Solutions announces new lithium-ion batteries for utility-scale projects

American Battery Solutions has announced its new Energy Storage System division, under the name “ABS ESS”.

ABS ESS is unveiled TeraStor, the new lithium-ion battery energy storage platform, specifically for large-scale energy storage projects. In addition, ABS releases ESS StorView, the Energy Management Suite of software and control hardware to optimize TeraStor’s performance, market participation and financial performance.

“By leveraging our track record of driving innovation in battery energy and developing and testing new technologies and chemistry with our advanced engineering team, ABS demonstrates once again our commitment to support the energy transition,” said Subhash Dhar, president and CEO of American Battery Solutions. “There is a critical need for both hardware and software intended for stationary energy storage needs, especially following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which plans to fund so much utility-scale storage. We are confident that ABS ESS and its leadership team to bring our products to market and meet the growing demand for energy storage systems.”

The TeraStor energy storage platform provides energy storage customers with a safe, efficient and reliable energy storage system that is easy to purchase, install and operate. This storage platform is designed to optimize lithium-ion cell life and performance while minimizing stranded cell capacity to deliver greater output and availability over the life of the system.

TeraStor offers more than 7.2 MWh of storage and 3.5 MW of integrated inverter capacity. With its self-powered design that requires no additional AC infrastructure, a fully integrated liquid cooling system – eliminating all on-site HVAC installations – and a 60% increase in energy density, this battery energy storage platform enables customers to save significant costs and time. compared to other energy storage systems. In addition, by using TeraStor, ABS ESS can deploy an ultra-high density of 600 MWh of energy per hectare.

Each TeraStor is factory packaged and tested, eliminating significant on-site component integration. It can be installed and ready for commissioning in six hours – a record time compared to weeks or months for a conventional system. TeraStor systems have the highest energy density per footprint, are suitable for locations with the most space problems and meet the strictest international safety standards. Average time for repairs and upgrades is minimized with modular energy storage and power conversion components.

ABS ESS’s personal interactive training also ensures a complete and adequate response to any on-site event.

StorView advanced software and control hardware monitors all aspects of TeraStor conditions with advanced algorithms to determine the precise status and condition. StorView software is a user-friendly interface that enables intuitive settings, controls and operations. A simple, single, industry-standard interface linked to well-known third-party energy management systems. Warranty terms are continuously compared to original and current expectations to proactively plan for changing application requirements.

ABS ESS secure online pre-sale sizing and configurators make it easy to determine the right amount of storage for each application.

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