Amazon signs PPA on 450-MW California solar + storage portfolio

Global retail giant Amazon has signed two power purchase agreements (PPA) with Virginia Utility AES Corporation† AES will provide renewable energy to the California Independent System Operator market from a combined 450 MW of solar and 225 MW, four-hour battery from its portfolio of projects.

Fluence will provide energy storage solutions for one of these projects. Amazon plans to power its global operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025 — five years ahead of the original 2030 target — and be carbon neutral by 2040. Amazon is the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy.

“AES is proud to support Amazon’s bold moves to power its business operations, including its AWS data centers, with 100% renewable energy,” said Andres Gluski, president and CEO of AES. “Together with Amazon, we are demonstrating how tailor-made energy solutions and innovative thinking can help organizations of all types decarbonise their operations and the grid.”

News item from AES

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