Amarillo College provides update on HVAC improvements

In 2019, residents of Amarillo approved an $89.206 million bond to Amarillo College, continuing a number of major projects across multiple campuses, including the renovation of the college’s art department, the addition of the Innovation Outpost on campus in downtown and the addition of the First Responders Academy located off Plains.

But with this bond, officials are also making improvements to HVAC infrastructure on the university’s Washington Street campus as the current system on campus continues to deteriorate.

At a recent meeting of the Amarillo College Board of Regents, the council approved an action item that changes the method of construction delivery for the HVAC project, which officials expect will have an impact on costs. According to the Amarillo College website, the project will improve the on-campus refrigeration facility and increase the chiller’s water piping system.

Amarillo College Washington Street Campus.

Danny Smith, master plan program manager for Amarillo College, said this project involves the replacement of four chillers, which he says are on their last legs.

“Because they’re at (the) end of (their lives), they’re not as efficient,” Smith said. “Failures do occur more often and we have to repair more and things like that. We have two who are (at) the end of their life and we have two who are approaching that end of life. We are going to replace these four chillers. They’re getting bigger, bigger in capacity, thanks to all the additions we’ve added to the Washington Street campus.”

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