Agilitas Energy constructs 3-MW energy storage project for Rhode Island municipal utility

Northeast renewable energy developer Agilitas Energy completed a 3 MW/9 MWh energy storage project to support public utilities in Pascoag, Rhode Island.

Credit: Agilitas Energy

The Ocean State project, which was acquired by Agilitas Energy in April 2021, will participate in the ISO New England markets and serve as a peak load reducer for Pascoag Utility District (PUD). The battery storage system charges from the grid when there is excess energy and when costs are lower, and discharges that energy when demand is high. This provides low-cost energy for PUD customers and improves grid reliability and resilience.

“The Pascoag Utility District prides itself on being the energy supplier its customers can count on to keep the lights on. As demand grows due to increased electrification and extreme weather events, we want to ensure that the residents of Pascoag and Harrisville experience the same service and value they have come to expect,” said Mike Kirkwood, general manager and CEO of PUD. “This Agilitas Energy project was an easy, risk-free way to keep our operating costs low and deliver cleaner energy in the most cost-effective way.”

Agilitas Energy actively builds and develops several other standalone battery storage systems, as well as some linked to PV solar systems. The company is currently seeking renewable energy projects at all stages of development in markets across the country.

“We believe that energy storage is key to the energy transition, as it unlocks an approach to meeting peak loads that is more effective, environmentally friendly and affordable for customers. That’s what we’ve done here in Rhode Island,” said Barrett Bilotta, president of Agilitas Energy. “At a time when consumers are concerned about inflation and rising costs, we are proud to partner with Pascoag Utility District to provide their customers with more reliable power at a lower cost. We would like to thank the Governor’s Office for their support and leadership in ensuring that the people of Rhode Island can take advantage of renewable energy resources.”

News item from Agilitas Energy

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