Adhesives: New formulations give installers an edge

By Elisabeth McGowan Out with the old, in with the new. That’s what adhesive suppliers tout when they present new formulations designed to go the extra mile to improve floor installations. Amid higher end-user expectations and rising industry standards, adhesive manufacturers have rolled out new innovative improvements and brand-new iterations of adhesives intended to improve performance and ease of use.

Contemporary adhesives offer multiple solutions beyond their core purpose, including sound absorption, moisture prevention and mold resistance. For example, DriTac’s 6300 Resistance enables faster installation while ensuring moisture resistance. “We call it an all-in-one adhesive,” DriTac marketing director John Lio told FCNews at TISE 2021. “We now have this alternative installation option, where we have known for years that the adhesive side adds so much value to the installation [in terms of hollow spots]. It is a heavy bells and whistles product.”

Moreover, modern adhesives also have advantages for the installer. A good example of this is Laticrete’s Glass Tile Adhesive Lite. To prevent respiratory problems and muscle strain for the installer, the lightweight adhesive contains a layer of respirable silica. Mitch Hawins, director of technical services at Laticrete, said the product addresses safety needs across the field. “Construction professionals should not view the increased focus on worker safety as just a trend,” he said. “A hot-button item is the need for more low-respirable silica and lightweight products to reduce potential respiratory problems and physical strain on installers.”

Following are the latest adhesives designed for myriad installation needs.

Custom Building Products

glueVinyl PSA is an advanced pressure sensitive adhesive designed for the challenges of luxury vinyl tiles and planks that can be used in permanent or peelable applications. Vinyl PSA is versatile for a variety of popular soft floor coverings, such as sheet metal and carpet tile, providing the handling and performance required by large commercial projects. The easy to spread formula is solvent and glycol free, making it ideal for projects requiring low VOCs.

Top features: “Vinyl PSA is the most install-friendly adhesive on the market,” said Don Munro, product manager for flooring adhesives and adhesives. “This product is designed to optimize handling and working time, and [to] minimize clean-up.”


glueDriTac 6300 Resistance is a one component, premium “green” polymer based, sound and moisture controlling resilient floor adhesive designed for WPC, SPC, rigid core and more. 6300 Resistance provides proven subfloor moisture protection without the need for testing, and forms a watertight bond with localized moisture resistance.

Top features: “This self-levelling and fast curing adhesive provides a great green grip and is extremely easy to clean from the surface of finished floors, wet or dry,” said Lio. “With a curing time of six hours, Resistance enables a one-day, one-step installation suitable for heavy rolling loads and demanding working conditions. This VOC, Solvent Free, Multi-Solution product is available in 2-gallon pails and meets and/or exceeds all IIC and STC building codes for noise reduction.”


glueGlass Tile Adhesive Lite is lightweight and contains no respirable crystalline silica content exceeding OSHA action level. With its superior lightweight formula, higher bond strength, long open time and non-sagging performance, it is easier to transport and easier to handle on the job site.

Top features: Glass Tile Adhesive Lite is designed to make any glass tile project a success, including underwater applications. The adhesive gives artists and installers a clean canvas to work with, as the bright white color does not affect the design of translucent tiles.


glueUltrabond ECO 399 is a heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive, multi-floor adhesive designed to minimize gaps in luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks.

Top features: “Ultrabond ECO 399 features enhanced dimensional control properties that allow for the installation of a variety of resilient floor types,” said Jeff Johnson, business manager for flooring installation systems. “The aggressive adhesive can withstand heavy use, heavy rolling loads, high moisture content and temperature fluctuations – which are some of the main causes of crevices in resilient floors. The moisture resistance allows use on concrete slabs with a relative humidity of up to 99%.”


Roberts 7399 Universal Plus Resilient Floor and Modular Carpet Tile Adhesive has proven moisture and alkali protection (up to 12lbs MVER and 99% RH) to prevent degradation or emulsification. The shear and bond strength performance of this adhesive supports its application in both a wet cured and tacky-dry method. The quick-drying formula allows for faster installation times and up to 12 hours of run time.

Top features: Roberts 7399 Universal Plus is approved for various floor types, backings and substrates (including underlayments) and is considered for its resistance to shear, peeling, moisture and alkali. The finished floor can tolerate light foot traffic immediately after installation, making it one of the fastest-drying, hardest-working resilient adhesives on the market, according to QEP.


MS Resilient’s one-part chemistry makes it a faster, more installation-friendly alternative to some two-part epoxy systems, according to Shaw.

Top features: “Shaw’s MS Resilient superior quality adhesive is a proven product, designed specifically for heavy rolling loads and challenging environments,” said Roger Young, director of miscellaneous category management. “The waterproof design provides a robust moisture-vapor barrier and is also resistant to current liquids. This is the perfect adhesive for Main Street businesses and is designed to perform in tough conditions.”


gluePUM-950 Power Mastic adhesive – with Spur technology developed in Germany – cleans most surfaces after curing. This allows the adhesive to maintain its high tensile and shear strength – properties desired by many professional installers.

Top Features: PUM-950 Power Mastic has the ability to clean like MS Polymer without etching the floor or requiring expensive board replacement and has a shear and tensile strength that is equal to – or even higher, in some cases – than moisture cured urethanes. Easy to clean up and high performance, all the features of this product.

Taylor Glues

Aspen, part of the Taylor Signature Line, is the ideal combination of price and performance for wood installations (as well as acrylic impregnated planks, cork, bamboo and crumb rubber). traditional urethane based adhesives that can damage the floor finish.

Top Features: With all concerns about substrate moisture conditions and alkaline attack, Aspen provides a 90% moisture vapor barrier on a porous sheet and a permanent waterproof bond. An additional advantage is the 10-year performance bond and moisture guarantee.

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