Accessories: Moldings, trim provide the finishing touches

One of the best ways for retailers to sell accessories in their stores, experts note, is through standout merchandisers and functional samples.

Whether it’s a full display, graphical storyboards, or a series of samples, i.e. a chainset of finishes, these detailed visual aids and mock-ups help consumers envision those accessories in their home, making them more tend to buy them. store.

“Having the accessories installed in the showroom or taking a sample is always the best option,” says Kennedy of Perfect Vents. “It shows the customer exactly what you’re referring to instead of just having to describe it.”

Mohawk takes this approach one step further by creating a demo kit for its Performance Accessories line. These sets include chain sets with different molding/moulding profiles for each product type, as well as lifestyle books to show customers how these products can add the finishing touches to a room. “Performance Accessories’ merchandising displays and demo kits make it an easy choice for us to help the customer visualize ideas,” said Nelson. “Our display includes pictures, manufactured stairs and our demo box for sale.”

Trieber of Artistic Finishes agreed, as the most commonly used sales aids in his business are chain sets. He even said he sends out thousands a year. The company also offers mini displays of steps and risers and storyboards – small mockups showing examples of different floors being installed with transitions from Artistic Finishes. There are also online videos available with different profile sizes, additional technical information and instructions, all of which Trieber says are helpful for RSAs.

Pennwood’s Coxon agreed, explaining that the best way to sell accessories is to show customers that these products give their floors that clean, finished look. “All consumers are visually oriented,” he explains. “Today’s consumer wants to be educated. A visual aid such as a display board with a stair nose, reducer, threshold, t-shape and quarter-round helps them understand the process.”

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