AC Replacement Company Mooresville Peace Heating and Air Conditioning Offers Advice on When to Replace an HVAC System

MOORESVILLE, NC, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brian Pyszo, co-owner of the AC replacement company in Mooresville, North Carolina Peace Heating and Air Conditioning, recently posted a new blog on the company’s website discussing a topic many homeowners wonder about: HVAC replacement vs. repair.

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As noted in the article, people rely on their home’s air conditioning system to keep their families cool and comfortable in the summer. At some point, despite carefully following an air conditioner maintenance program, HVAC units will become difficult and/or expensive to repair. Customers will often find Peace Heating and Air Conditioning by doing a Google search using the following search terms:

The first signs that an A/C unit may need repair or replacement include strange noises coming from the unit, an unexpected increase in energy bills, warm air coming out of the unit instead of cold, uneven air distribution, or the device just doesn’t work at all.

“In general, we recommend that if you have spent more than 49% of your system’s original purchase price on repairs, it’s probably time to consider taking your current system to that awesome airborne machine shop and replacing it.” by a new system by Ryno, Trane, Honeywell or other well-known, respected brands in the air-conditioning industry,” the article notes, adding that on average, homeowners can expect their HVAC systems to last 15 to 20 years before needing to be replaced.

When that day comes, Peace Heating and Air Conditioning’s friendly and NATE certified HVAC technicians will be ready and able to assist; each is also licensed, bonded and insured.

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At Peace Heating And Air Conditioning, they pride themselves on being the local experts in heating and AC & Heat Service, and they have the tools and expertise to install, repair, and maintain all the air conditioning systems people need to operate easily. can breathe. Their highly qualified technicians provide only the best service and they always work with each family’s needs and long-term comfort in mind. For more information, visit

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