A Day in the Life of an HVAC Technician

What is National HVAC Tech Day?

June 22nd is National HVAC Day. This relatively new commemoration day was created in 2016 by ARS/Rescue Rooter and approved by the Registrar of the National Day Calendar, to commemorate the hard-working men and women who endure extreme weather, such as blistering attics and finger-numbing cold, to keep their clients’ homes comfortable all year round.

Korey Knobloch, co-owner of Help out!! Air conditioning in the Greater New Orleans, Louisiana area, is an industry veteran with nearly 40 years of experience repairing, installing, and maintaining HVAC systems in Southeast Louisiana homes. He and his team are passionate about the job, but it’s not without its trials and tribulations.

Follow Korey through “A Day in the Life of an HVAC Technician” to get a first-hand look at the average day of an HVAC technician

The broken AC

You wake up to a sickening silence and realize it’s too early in the morning to sweat as much as you sweat. It’s the middle of summer and a customer’s AC is working.

The hero of today’s story also wakes up to a cup of fresh coffee and the blazing sun. That would be your friendly local HVAC technician, Korey Knobloch. We hope you enjoy following Korey all day and at your home. Every day is an adventure for an HVAC tech, and the customer is the boss!

* * *

The technician starts his day with a mug of his favorite dark roast, the morning news and a phone call. The first call of the day is to the office so he can receive his first mission. The weather picks up and warns him of the sad news that it’s going to be another sweltering day. He must be busy.

Pulling his freshly squeezed Help!! shirt, he jumps out the door with his trusty tool bag and a jump in his step. His only hope is that he doesn’t have to climb in it to many attics these days.

The first assignment: mister Adams

Korey arrives promptly at 8:00 AM. Early morning calls require finesse because you never know if there are sleeping babies or sleepy dogs to be aware of. He knocks gently to be sure.

Mr. Adams informs him that the AC is on the fritz and points out some suspicious noises coming from the back of the mechanism. Customers are the best source of information when handling a phone call! Korey goes through all the important procedures and keeps a record of everything he checks. Most problems have simple solutions, but it is important to record everything so that the next mechanic can refer to their notes in case of a subsequent malfunction.

Korey hums the theme song “Mission Impossible”, locates the capacitor and completes his repairs.

The homeowners are overjoyed and start popping champagne and throwing confetti! They offer to organize a feast in his honor, but Korey kindly refuses. There are other houses in service, and he can’t keep them waiting. There he drives to his next phone call.

The second assignment: Mrs. Jones

Not all jobs can be as simple as the first phone call of the day. Korey’s second assignment reports a doozy of a symptom. His regular, Ms. Jones, has reported that no air is coming through her vents! This problem can be caused by many problems and Korey tries to diagnose the problem on his way.

It’s fun to brainstorm what could be wrong with her HVAC system. A kind of puzzle he has yet to solve. A proud professional HVAC technician, Korey lives and breathes all things air conditioning and heating. It is his first thought in the morning and his last thought before going to bed.

He arrives at Mrs. Jones’ house and is greeted by a pleasant, friendly face. A “good morning” smile is enough to make the possibility of a blistering attic worthwhile.

“Core!” exclaims Miss Jones in her usual panache. “I’m so glad they sent you.” She asks about his family and the people in the office. Korey wished everyone was like Mrs. Jones.

While identifying the source of the problem has been relatively easy, the real work has just begun. Getting the engine on time takes a little finesse and a lot of heart.

Korey is responsible for her annual maintenance, so he is already familiar with her system. This insight allows him to quickly pinpoint the possible causes of a malfunction and soon locate the culprit: a dastardly damaged fan motor. In particular, the fan motor is shorted (electrical problem) and needs to be replaced.

While identifying the source of the problem has been relatively easy, the real work has just begun. Getting the engine on time takes a little finesse and a lot of heart. Korey calls the supply house and finds they have one in stock. Korey slaps on a few beads of sweat that roll annoyingly down his neck. The attic is heating up and soon it will be too hot for normal working conditions. He has to work fast!

He calls the office and asks them to deliver the motorbike while he removes the old one. All you need to do is spend the next two hours carefully removing the damaged equipment and installing the new engine in the red-hot attic. By the time the engine is delivered, the attic is above 100 degrees.

lunch break

Korey calls Dispatch and they thank him for the hard work he has done so far and tell him to take his lunch. After a quick scan of the area, Korey finds a rural, shady tree. The perfect cool spot to enjoy his leftover crawfish toffee.

Third assignment: Mrs Smith

When Dispatch warns Korey of his next call, he stretches to lend himself for what will be a grueling trek to her AC unit. Mrs. Smith lives in the Mt. Everest of Louisiana, and her malfunctioning air conditioning is atop a steep three-story staircase.

Korey is a seasoned professional, though, so before taking his first step, he asks if she’s noticed any other problems with the house. His conclusions were correct! Mrs. Smith explains that half of her house is working and the other half is not.

Korey is a seasoned professional, so before making his first move, he asks if she’s noticed any other problems with the house. His conclusions were correct! Mrs. Smith explains that half of her house is working and the other half is not.

Well, not Korey technically an electrician, but this sounds like a problem that can be solved by quickly going to the main control panel. True to his suspicions, only half of her main panel has power. This is officially a job for an electrician!

Korey bids farewell to Mrs. Smith and the three-story staircase and prepares for his next phone call.

Fourth assignment: Mrs Alicia

Korey’s heart sinks when he gets his next assignment. It seems they have been to Mrs. Alicia’s house three times, and her unit is still causing her grief. Now it is his responsibility to fix and also correct her system which he is sure has been a very frustrating experience for the customer.

As expected, Mrs. Alicia is furious.

“I know this isn’t your fault,” she begins. “But this is the third time I’ve had to call, and it’s just so damn hot!

Korey sympathizes. It is too hot.

Korey beams his winning smile and makes a promise to Mrs. Alicia. By the time he leaves her house, her system is fixed and she can finally relax in a refreshingly cool house. He asks if she can provide any insight into her HVAC issues.

“Well, if I knew, I’d fix it myself,” Ms. Alicia says.

spicy! Unfortunately, snappy one-liners and a bad attitude won’t help get the job done faster. Korey waits until she, well, Calm down before continuing with his questions.

As Korey methodically checks the thermostat, as well as the unit itself, he has a sneaking suspicion that the fix won’t be as simple as the last few. Based on his 38 years of experience, he notices that the amplifier consumption on the compressor is a bit high. Based on a suspicion, he calls the office.

Apparently their team had recently replaced the compressor, so he then checks to make sure the delivery house has supplied the correct equipment. He discovers something interesting. The delivery house had provided an alternate compressor option that should have worked but didn’t. This is a problem that Korey has seen only twice in his 38-year career. The new compressor requires a different size condenser that was originally shipped with the unit. He installs the correct condenser and the house immediately starts to cool down.

Ms. Alicia apologizes for her past behavior and thanks her loyal HVAC technician for finally getting to the bottom of the problem. Korey likes these kinds of calls because he not only solved a difficult problem, but also made another customer happy with his team.

Fifth Assignment: The Dog

The next job of the day is for a regular customer who lives in a rented house. First of all, he is greeted by an untidy little dog that won’t stop barking. The dog claps his teeth a few times as Korey walks through the door.

“I’ll try to get out of your hair as soon as possible,” Korey says. “Would you mind putting your dog upstairs for now?” The dog continues to growl.

“No,” says the man. ‘This is her house too. I need her to supervise.”

Korey can’t tell if the man is joking, but reluctantly agrees. Until the dog takes its first bite.

As Korey begins to collect his equipment, the dog takes a small nibble from his calf.

“That is it.” Korey puts down his toolbox. ‘Sir, you’ll have to lock up the dog. I won’t be able to work if he keeps trying to bite me.”

“That was barely a bite,” the man says. He refuses to get rid of his dog.

“Then enjoy your warm apartment,” says Korey. He gathers his tools and tells the man to have a good day.

The man takes out his phone and starts berating Korey, berating him and telling him that he is going to call his boss and get him fired. Sadly, this isn’t Korey’s first time running into a belligerent customer, but it never gets easier to see a grown man hiding behind his phone, flying at every curse.

Korey shakes his head and politely bids the man farewell. It’s a shame about the AC systemKorey thinks. It really is too hot a day to be without air conditioning.

Korey calls his boss to explain the situation and let him know that he will not return to the apartment with the aggressive dog.

Sixth Assignment: You

Your HVAC tech has endured hot attics, angry customers and hippos. There have been many victories, but the day has taken its toll. He has one last stop today, and that’s your house! When Korey arrives, he greets you with a smile.

  • How do you greet him?
  • What information do you have at hand?
  • Where is your AC unit located?

The answers to these questions can determine whether your friendly local HVAC technician has a good experience or is looking forward to the next job. On behalf of all HVAC technicians, we thank all our customers who are attentive, polite and prepared. This #NationalHVACTechDay, don’t forget to thank your local HVAC technician for all they do to keep your home cool and comfortable!


Korey Knobloch

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