7 California CCAs sign on for nearly 70-MW long-duration energy storage project

A REV Renewables energy storage project.

At the California Community Power (CC Power) board meeting on Jan. 19, members of the Joint Powers Agency voted to enter into an energy storage service agreement with REV Renewables for 69 MW/552 MWh of long-term energy storage. The REV Renewables Tumbleweed project will be a CAISO grid-connected lithium-ion battery storage resource near Rosamond, in Kern County, California, with an expected online date of 2026.

“Long-term energy storage is an essential resource needed to increase the value of renewable energy and accelerate California’s transition to a clean, reliable and affordable grid,” said Girish Balachandran, chairman of the California Community Power Board and CEO of Silicon. Valley Clean Energy. “This first project is an exciting milestone showing how CCAs are working together to achieve our shared goals in the transition to a zero-carbon grid.”

The California Public Utilities Commission Mid-Term Reliability Procurement order (Decree 21-06-035) requires all tax authorities in CPUC jurisdiction, including CC Power members, to purchase from energy storage facilities that can discharge for a minimum of 8 hours. This project meets approximately 55% of the participating members’ long-term storage requirements.

This joint procurement effort for long-term energy storage began before the CPUC issued the new purchase order when a subset of CC Power members issued a Request for Offers (RFO) request in October 2020 to procure cost-effective and viable long-term contracts. storage resources.

Participation in the RFO and resulting projects is voluntary for every CC Power member. The participating agencies for this project are CleanPowerSF, Peninsula Clean Energy, Redwood Coast Energy Authority, San Jose Clean Energy, Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power Authority, and Valley Clean Energy. Participating members will follow their own review and approval processes with their local elected boards.

The Tumbleweed project adheres to the enhanced long-term storage conditions adopted by the CC Power Board for this procurement effort. It will be built under a project employment contract, guaranteeing prevailing wages and use of apprenticeship programs, and is expected to create dozens of new jobs.

The ongoing RFO process and member participation were discussed at well-known public CC Power board meetings. Additional projects identified during the competitive recruitment process will be discussed at upcoming meetings. Meeting information is available at: cacommunitypower.org/meetings.

News release from California Community Power

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