5 London roofs above the world

Now is the time for roofs. Honestly, haven’t you dreamed it? A bit of cocktail taste, hair in the air, with a few good friends but above all: sunglasses …

Well, I present to you, for which at first this famous sun, which cannot remember its existence, points back to the tip of its nose. But we can still dream, can’t we? That is why the editorial team asked me to make a small selection of the best roofs in the capital. For the rest you just have to cross your fingers!

1. See Elba

This perfect roof and its cocktail bar on the Waterloo side has air in exile … Just like Napoleon, choose this little paradise island that will be far away from all your troubles and fights, whether at work or on the battlefield.

A cool and summery atmosphere is guaranteed, relax! It seems the restaurant also serves a themed brunch …

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Skylight roof in London

2. Skylight roof

Do you like crocheting, table tennis or a bettank on the roof of the world? The festive atmosphere is guaranteed at the top of the skylight! With DJ support to take your Saturday nights to the next level, you can also pick the most sobering moment by snuggling up on top-notch mezzanine sofas. There is something for everyone!

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Sky Garden, a roof in London

3. Sky Garden

A must-see in London: Located at the top of the city, Come and enjoy a cocktail With your love and tenderness while admiring the capital under a breathtaking view. Be surprised by real tropical wood that enlivens glass roofs. A word of advice: be yourself in your 31s!

Tip: bring your “attraction” to think about sunset during the first “date”, the second date is guaranteed …

Jin Po La, A Roof in London

4. Jin Po Law

Located on the 14th floor of the Dorset City Hotel in Altgate County, you will not only have your head in the stars, but actually in the skyscrapers of London! An event not to be missed for lovers of fine wines and stylish cocktails.

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Le Roque de Argent, a roof in London

5. Silver rooster

French, French… You have long been banished from your beloved republic to His Majesty’s Kingdom, are you an orphan of gourmet food and our incomparable heritage?

Everything that makes Le Coqu de Argent shine on you, for a moment, your beloved lost land … with the help of these Versace gardens reminds you (undoubtedly) of the most beautiful palace in Europe, and you do the ‘English breakfast’ Forgetting about high quality food that has already been consumed, this You will like the hexagonal bracket.

Enjoy your meal!

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