5 Exterior Innovative Building Products for 2021

Whether you are building a new home or updating the features of an existing home, it’s important to keep up with the trends and make sure your home improvement projects add to the overall value of your home. Read on to learn about several innovative outdoor building products that have some unique and significant benefits.

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1. Composite roof shingles

Composite roof shingles are made from a combination of materials, including fiberglass, recycled paper and asphalt. They come in a variety of styles and can be designed to mimic the look of a variety of popular roofing types, such as cedar shake roofing.

Composite shingles are a great option to consider for your next roofing project as they can be replaced individually and often come with a 30-50 year warranty.

2. Custom Garage Door Design

Details and styles of custom garage doors can be selected to suit a variety of exterior design preferences for everyone. Custom garage doors are also often made from materials that last longer and are more durable than standard garage doors, meaning they are a worthwhile long-term investment. Finally, you can often recoup most of your investment when: replace your garage door after the sale of your home.

3. Tight Pool Drain

Your update pool deck drain having a tight drainage system has several advantages. It will improve the overall aesthetic of your pool by creating a clean and modern look while keeping your pool pristine.

Modern swimming pool drainage systems, such as the possibilities of Slot Drain Systems, have a number of important advantages:

  • Slim drain keeps dirt out and eliminates the need for a heavy and unsightly grate cover
  • Stainless steel material stays clean longer and resists bacteria
  • Modern pool drains are discreet and aesthetically pleasing

4. Double Hanging Vinyl Replacement Windows

Double-hung windows are known for their style and their accessibility. Rated as the most popular replacement windshield in the country, a double hung vinyl window ensures that your building remains insulated while retaining its style. The ability to open both windows, plus the ease of cleaning and maintenance, will make this type of window a must-have in 2021.

5. Pergolas for entertainment

pergolas are a wonderful addition to a backyard, especially if you enjoy hosting and entertaining. They are usually constructed of four timber posts (or two if secured to siding) with an open roof made of cross beams. They serve as a nice, shaded seating area by a pool or patio in the summer heat.

The exterior of a house is people’s first opinion

While many people focus primarily on the interior of their home, a lot can be done by changing the exterior. Turn your home into an oasis, use the outside to invite people or buy products that will make your home last longer, but don’t leave the outside of your home untouched!

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