2022 Top Solar Installer: Lisa Harwerth-Greene, Borrego

The Solar Power World editorial team is proud to continue our Top Solar Champions awards program that began in 2021. These four awards, open to anyone employed by Top Solar Contractor companies, highlight talent in the industry in a variety of skill areas.

The 2022 Top solar installer Prize winner is Lisa Harwerth-Greene, location quality manager at Oakland, California Borrego.

Harwerth-Greenes thoughtful leadership and effective communications fueled Borrego’s success in Michigan’s first three large-scale solar projects this year.

“As budgets and timelines are inevitably constrained, the vision and hard work of professionals like Lisa Harwerth-Greene is what enables our industry to remain successful.” – Kristin Engstrom, Marketing Communications Manager, Borrego

From the planning stage to construction, Harwerth-Greene has improved efficiency, increased quality and leveraged in-house technology to ensure that all first pass work consistently meets quality expectations. Harwerth-Greene is recognized by her colleagues and managers as a great coach, leading the development and improvement of Borrego’s quality inspection templates. She starts each morning with a plan for the day that helps her team members use their time wisely.

With her keen attention to detail and organizational skills, Harwerth-Greene has helped the company’s Michigan portfolio avoid installation errors and quality issues that could lead to expensive reworks or production delays. Her foresight and communication with stakeholders exceeds client expectations and keeps work on track.

The Solar Energy World Top Solar Contractors awards program is part of our annual Top Solar Contractors list.

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