15.7-MW ‘Brighter Future Solar project’ completed in North Carolina

The Brighter Future Solar project in Boone, North Carolina, has reached commercial operation. the 15.7-MW project was installed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for Blue Ridge Energy.

“This is the latest step on the path to a decarbonized world,” said Yoshihiro Shiraiwa, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America. “It is a blueprint for other communities looking to increase renewable energy and reach net-zero. Additionally, it represents one of the many ways MHI is partnering with other organizations, businesses and stakeholders to build a more sustainable future.”

The town of Boone, North Carolina, recently announced its municipal operations have converted to using 100% clean energy, hitting the milestone eight years ahead of the town’s goal. Solar energy from Blue Ridge Energy contributes to 75% of the town’s energy usage.

“We set out to meet an ambitious goal that included significant carbon reduction while also making sure we look out for our members and keep the promise of low cost electricity in mind. Not only will the output of this energy help us power a brighter future, it will also help us maintain stable electricity rates, saving our members money over time,” said Doug Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ridge Energy.

MHI, in partnership with Osaka Gas USA, purchased equity interest in the Brighter Future Solar Farm from project developer Oriden, an MHI Group company, in September 2021.

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