130-MW solar project will support 11 Alabama utilities

Light source bp continues with its 130-MWdc Black Bear Solar power project in Montgomery County, Alabama.

“This project demonstrates the positive effects that come from partnering with shared goals to reduce carbon emissions, provide affordable electricity, create jobs and contribute to local communities,” said Kevin Smith, CEO of the Americas, Lightsource bp. “It is also a testament to the cost-effectiveness and affordability of solar that world-class lenders are supporting this project, and that AMEA (Alabama Municipal Electric Authority) has agreed to buy the electricity long-term with significant benefit from its members. .”

AMEA, based in Montgomery, is the wholesale energy supplier for 11 Alabama public utilities, and has secured an energy contract that was instrumental in financing Black Bear Solar.

“AMEA is excited about our partnership with Lightsource bp. This large-scale solar project will help diversify AMEA’s fuel resources and continue to provide low-cost electricity to our members’ customers,” said Fred Clark, president & CEO of AMEA.

Located 15 miles from AMEA’s headquarters in Montgomery, Black Bear Solar will provide cost-effective, locally produced, renewable electricity to AMEA’s 11 affiliated utilities in the state. In addition to providing clean energy and savings on bills for AMEA members and their customers, the project will contribute nearly $7 million in property tax revenue to provincial schools over the first 35 years of the project.

News item from Lightsource bp

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