10 churches & venture philanthropists to help in Jesus’ name 1 mil dying kids

In nine denominations, expenditures on foreign missions averaged 7 ¢ of each Total Contributions dollar, according to an analysis in the State of Church Giving Series of the Empty Tomb based on data from 1924-1925.

In 2003, those nine denominations spent an average of 2 ¢ of every Total Contributions dollar on international shipments.

In 2018, a larger set of 29 denominations included in The State of Church Giving through 2018 also averaged 2 ¢ spending on international missions of every dollar in total contributions received.

This decline occurred despite the fact that U.S. per capita income in 2018 was 481% higher than the 1925 base, after tax and after inflation, according to Empty Tomb’s analysis.

As can be seen in the accompanying table, only 1% of US households had electricity in 1920. In 2017, 100% of US households had access to electricity, and 87% had air conditioning.

In 1920, only 1% of American households had indoor plumbing. In 2018, less than 1% had no indoor sanitary facilities.

Americans were richer and more comfortable in 2018 than they were in the 1920s. In 2018, however, churches spent a smaller, not larger portion of the contributions they received to share God’s love through Jesus with the rest of the world. Even as support for a global vision in churches waned, as evidenced by their spending on international missions, an empty graph analysis of available data shows that church membership as a percentage of the American population and church donation as a percentage of income also declined.

Now Empty Tomb’s Mission Match is seeking 10 churches and three to ten entrepreneurial philanthropists to reverse this decline.

The two parts of Empty Tomb’s Mission Match strategy, detailed below, both aim to mobilize churches in the U.S. to, in Jesus’ name, 1.2 million annual deaths in children under five by the year 2025 year to stop.

Experts indicate that these children are dying of treatable causes, as discussed in The State of Church Giving through 2018. Churches continue to have front-line supply systems in many areas of need. Mission Match is targeting the 40 countries that were lagging behind in meeting the reduction targets for their mortality rates under 5 years from the year 2015.

Part of the strategy to help these children live is for 10 congregations to apply for appropriate contributions at missionmatch.org. The Congregation’s project will focus on one of 22 treatable causes of death in these children in one of 40 countries. The congregations also propose the supply channel through which they want to work, in Jesus’ name, to help prevent these deaths.

Municipalities can apply for up to $ 3,000 for their project. Once approved, the congregation collects, from those within their local church, at least an equal amount, and then the congregation spends the combined money on the project mentioned in their application.

The other part of the strategy is to get Mission Match “on steroids.” This goal is to find corporate philanthropists who understand that the negative trends found in the research of empty graves are impacting not only global mission support, including 1.2 million deaths in children under the age of five, but also the level of social welfare in the US. Three to 10 venture philanthropists can provide the first $ 9.412 billion to roll out Mission Match nationwide by 2021.

There are more than 300,000 Christian congregations in the US. When $ 8 billion of the initial donation from this venture philanthropists is doubled by municipalities for their projects, the estimated $ 16 billion needed annually to end 1.2 million infant deaths will be available. By 2025, supported by an ever-expanding base delivering the associated funds, the goal is to help all 40 countries meet their mortality targets below 5 years of age.

Municipalities can apply for matching funds from missionmatch.org.

Interested corporate philanthropists can contact the Empty Tomb directly.

The state of giving by the church through 2018: what if Jesus returns in 2025? (30th edition, December 2020), is available at Wipf and Stock Publishers.


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